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Have you ever wantered what makes you anxiety during a journey in a foreign country?

Let's look at it...

Dealing with foreign currency or foreign language and finding the way to your destination could be some of the most stressful parts of your journey.

Half of a journey's succes is the correct preparation!

Why are you booking your hotel and your flights months earlier? Because you want to be sure about the availability and of course to get better prices. So why do you leave your transportation in its fate?

It is easy to find a taxi for your movement, but it is uncomfortable when you have to face drivers that don't have the skils to serve you, vehicles which don't meet the basic standards and overcharges.

If you want to travel in style, book your transfers now and one of our representatives will be waiting for you at the point pf the appointment to take you to your destination with the required confidence and reliability!

Taxillent.gr- Low Cost Transfers In Greece

Terms and conditions


Matanas Bros is a limited liability company that operates according to the Greek legislation. The company's base is in Oraiokastro Thessaloniki Street A' Parodos Aerodromiou 4 PC 57013, contact Tel: +30 014 919 2314 and operates through www.taxillent.gr website.

The terms and conditions set out below are intended to protect both the users of the website www.taxillent.gr, and the company itself against malicious acts and unreasonable use.

By accessing the website and to book, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these terms. If any of the conditions you are not satisfied or disagree, then your permission to use this website or any of its services, is automatically canceled.

The transfer generally

Our company acts as an award of transport services by www.taxillent.gr website. The term transfer involves transferring at least one passenger from the point of receipt to the final destination.

We offer various types of transport services and vehicles. Prices vary according to the type of vehicle you choose, the distance, the date and other factors.

Booking Process

Taxillent offers you a booking system, where you can make your booking either through the online system or via the 24-hour service by mail, or telephone.

All reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled transfer. The reservation is confirmed only when authorized by the system administrator. The company has the right to refuse any transfer request from you if it can not successfully fulfill the transfer request, or to offer an alternative service. If it is not possible to fulfill your request you will be informed as soon as possible and the amount you have paid will be refunded in full.

It is very important to check and ensure that all the names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, times and other information supplied is correct. If an item is wrong, you should contact us immediately to fix it. These data will be available to the driver in order to complete the service of your transmission.

Immediately after the completion of the reservation you will receive by mail a voucher with the information provided. In this coupon the status of your reservation will be referred to as "waiting". Upon acceptance of your application by the administrator, you will recieve a new voucher in which the status of your reservation will be referred to as "accepted". Upon completion of the booking you have concluded a transfer contract.

Note that the person making the reservation must be at least 18 years.

Children and infants are calculated as normal passengers and must travel in special child safety systems and always in the back seat.

The reservation system include too many places, however if you can not find the place you are looking for, contact us.

Discovery process

The driver-carrier will be waiting at the point in time that you have indicated to us. If this point is the airport, train-bus station or port, will be waiting in the arrival hall holding tag with your name.

If you think that will slow compared to the scheduled appointment time you must let us know. If no one appears, we will try to contact you on the phone you have registered. The driver-operator is obliged to wait 40 minutes at the meeting point. If time is not able to contact the transfer is canceled and your money is not crowned. If the collection point is an airport, port, bus-train station time applies from the actual arrival time of your transport.

Payment methods

The current price of each service is the price that appears on our website on the date of your reservation. You are given three methods of payment:

• By credit card, you can pay the full amount.

• By credit card, to pay a percentage (as determined during the booking process) and the remainder to be paid to the driver during transport.

• Deposit the funds in a bank account (data given during the reservation process).

In all three cases the reservation is accepted when you receive the money in our account.

If the booking is made by mail or phone you can only use the third way.


Each passenger is entitled to carry such a size suitcase (approximately 70 * 50 * 30 cm) and hand luggage, except in the case that during the reservation process set extra baggage.

Your luggage can not contain any item prohibited by local law as weapons or other objects that may harm third parties. You also can not domesticated animals transported without having the indicated during the reservation process and not have them in the special transport crate. Even you can not be transported oversized objects, weight, sensitivity. If you have special requests for Highchairs let us know by selecting the type and number during the reservation process. These seats are free.

If you have more luggage than allowed please let us know in order to choose a suitable vehicle.

The customer is responsible for any extra costs that may arise if needed additional vehicles to transfer the additional undeclared luggage.

Cancel or change reservation

It is possible to cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your scheduled transfer without any charge. In this case the amount of money you paid will be refunded in full in 10 days.

Any change of booking which includes change of date is no extra charge. Changing the point of receipt or disembarkation, or vehicle change agreement are charged with the website prices and the difference will be paid. All changes must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled transfer.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all reservation details are correct.

In case of cancellation in less than 24 hours before the planned transfer of the amount charged normally.

If you miss your flight (or any other means of transport) due to circumstances beyond the taxillent company control, it is not considered wrong of company and you can not ask for compensation. If taxillent company is responsible for the delay (driver negligence, flat tire, mechanical problem, etc.), it takes your compensation.

Once you have received the coupon, look carefully the transition period if they match the flights, especially in departure and calculate the other parameters (2 hours before at the airport etc.). By accepting the coupon you have full responsibility for the outcome of the transition.

Vehicle Safety

All vehicles used for transport shall meet the requirements set by the Greek Republic.

Taxillent company promises you that the transfer will be made with the latest technology vehicles by professional drivers with safety and reliability.

Credit card safety

The taxillent for the reservation system used by PayPal. PayPal is the most secure way of doing business online. Accepts all credit-debit cards. To protect the data from the cards we use technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) so your data is completely secure.

Responsibilities passengers

It is the responsibility of the customer to have with him a booking voucher or mail confirmation to a device (mobile, tablet). Neither we nor the driver-carrier liable if the transfer ratio nothingness reservation coupon did not take place.

If your flight is diverted, we recommend you contact us, as it can find alternative means of transport.

Note that neither we nor the driver-carrier we are required to pay some amount for these alternative arrangements. Subject to the terms and conditions of the airlines, is their own responsibility to take you to the airport of your destination.

If you change some element of communication (mail, phone, etc.) should provide us immediately so we can contact you about any topic related to your transport.

Drivers-carriers reserve the right to deny boarding clients under the influence of intoxication or substance abuse or unacceptable behavior. In these cases will not be refunded in case of damages by customers may be prosecution and compensation.


We have an obligation to protect the privacy and safety. We are committed that the name or address, telephone and other data used during the reservation process can not be disclosed to third parties. These data are only to enable the taxillent contact you.

General provisions

The original Greek version of the terms and conditions may be translated into other languages, but there may be deviations. In case of disagreement on the content or interpretation of these conditions prevail Greek version.

The taxillent reserves every right to modify and adapt the terms without notice. These apply to their publication.

In case of disagreement on the services or conditions are considered competent courts of Thessaloniki Greece.


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