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  • Why should i choose taxillent than an ordinary taxi?

    Some of the reasons you should choose taxillent are: you can save from queues and hassle, our prices are low and do not depend on the circumstances of the journey, our cars are comfortable and modern and the drivers are polite and willing to help you with anything you need.
  • How do i make a booking ?

    Your reservation can be done very easily in four steps. In the first step, fill in the pick up and drop off points, the number of passengers and the date and time of receipt. In the second step you see the categories and prices. In the third step carefully fill in your details, the type and number of child seats you might need and the method of payment. In the fourth step check the reservation and go to the payment.
  • How will I be sure that my reservation is confirmed?

    Once you complete your reservation, you will recieve by e-mail, a voucher with the details of the reservation. In the voucher the status of your reservation will be referred to as "waiting". After we process your request and accept it, you will get a new voucher in which the condition of detention be referred to as "acceptable". Once you receive this email, be sure that one of our cars will be waiting at the point of the appointment.
  • Which are payment methods?

    There are two payment methods: With credit cart and with bank deposit.
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  • Can I book without a card?

    You can book without a card, make a deposit of the amount in the bank, or by transferring the amount to our account via e-banking.
  • Can I book with someone elses credit card?

    You can use someone elses credit card for your reservation, as long as you have his permission.
  • What vehicle can I choose?

    Our company has six categories of vehicles: ECONOMY, PREMIUM, LIMOUSINE, MINIVAN, MINIBUS, BUS. Every customer is unique and must be moved as he wants, but always with the reliability and consistency that only taxillent can offer you.
  • How do I find my driver?

    Our driver will meet you at the collection point at the time of appointment. If this point is the airport, bus station / train or port, he will meet you at arrivals holding a sigh with your name.
  • What if my flight is late?

    Our drivers are constantly informed about the status of your flight, so we are waiting at the airport the actual arrival time.
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  • Is there additional charge if my flight is delayed?

    There is no extra charge in case of a delayed flight, the driver will wait for you at the airport.
  • I will pay more if I have a lot of luggage?

    We do not charge extra for luggage, as many as they are. We ask you to inform us for the number of luggage just to choose the wright vehicle. However, if you do not inform us during your reservation for your luggage and an additional vehicle will be needed, it will be charged you.
  • What happens if I have children?

    Children are counted as normal passengers and they always travel in the back seat with the special safety systems. Child seats are free just inform us during the booking process.
  • Can I have my pet along?

    Pets are allowed to travel in our cars, as long as they are in special transport cages. Please let us know when booking.
  • What happens if I lose my voucher?

    You can have your booking voucher either printed or in electronic form, to any device (mobile, tablet) so you can show it to the driver. If you miss it you can either refer to your email and print it again, or ask us to send you a new one.
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  • When I will have my reciept?

    We will send your receipt to your e-mail.
  • What happens if i need the car to wait for me a few hours to return back?

    The vehicle can stay with you as many hours as you want. In this case inform us, to send you a coupon which you fill in the last step of the booking to get the discount that corresponds you. The discount can reach up to 80%.
  • Can I book a tour with taxillent;

    You can book any route you want with Taxillent. Contact us to arrange the trip you want, or recommend one of the available excursions-tours we have chosen. We can even provide you a guide that speaks your language, just ask us.
  • Can I travel with taxillent abroad?

    Υou can travel from Greece in many foreign countries and vice versa.
  • Can I commit vehicle and driver for more than one day?

    You can reserve your vehicle along with the driver for as many days as you want, with corresponding charges.
  • Can I cancel / change my booking?

    You have complete freedom to make any changes you want, or cancel your booking, provided at least 24 hours before the scheduled transfer. If the changes relate to vehicles, or destinations and there is diference in the amount, you have to pay the deference.
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